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Adjacent State Students Offered South Dakota Tuition Advantage
New students from adjacent states will soon experience the South Dakota Advantage, a tuition program that state public universities will offer, starting next summer, to new freshmen and new transfer students from six surrounding states.

USD and SD Mines Build on Biomedical Engineering Partnership
The South Dakota Board of Regents has greenlighted a collaborative undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering to be offered jointly by the University of South Dakota and South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. This degree and other academic program requests approved this week aim to meet emerging workforce needs and economic development trends across the state.

Public Universities Respond to State Workforce Education Needs
The South Dakota Board of Regents this week approved new academic program requests to meet emerging workforce trends across the state.

Iowa Reduced Tuition Program Shows Results
In the second year of a program offering new and transfer students from Iowa the equivalent of resident tuition at four South Dakota universities, the program is showing a positive return.

Draft Free Speech Policies Advance at Regents’ Public Hearing
Revised policies impacting free speech and diversity on South Dakota public university campuses advanced Wednesday after the South Dakota Board of Regents conducted an initial hearing on the draft policies and voted unanimously to move those proposals to final action in December.

New Options Available for Students Pursuing DSU Degrees
The South Dakota Board of Regents today approved requests from Dakota State University to offer a teaching degree online, create a new minor, and develop new specializations within its mathematics major. University officials said all these changes are part of DSU’s work to meet economic development and workforce trends across South Dakota.

Lukkes Appointed Regents’ General Counsel
The South Dakota Board of Regents announces that Nathan Lukkes has been named general counsel for the board and the public higher education system in South Dakota.

Board of Regents Release Fall Enrollment for 2018
Fall enrollment at South Dakota’s six public universities is down about 2 percent in full-time equivalent students, the South Dakota Board of Regents reported today.