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Christmas Past, Present, and Future
As the holiday season approaches, let us not forget we have thousands of U.S. service members that are still in harm’s way and deployed away from friends and family.

November is Remember Month
President Donald Trump has proclaimed November as ”Veterans and Military Families Month.” It’s the first time that as a nation we will be encouraged to honor and support our veterans for more than a day. Let's dedicate this month to honor those ordinary people who have done something extraordinary so that we may all enjoy the freedom we treasure today.

South Dakota Joining Forces
The South Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs has selected Erin Bultje to serve as the executive director of South Dakota Joining Forces (SDJF).

South Dakota Veterans Commission Elects Leadership for Coming Year
The South Dakota Veterans Commission elected new officers to lead the Commission in enhancing the lives of South Dakota veterans.

Sing Proud and Loud America
Being a citizen of the United States means being brave, being proud of this Country, and being confident that we will succeed. Being an American is an honor and as such it is important that we support our troops that have and are fighting for our Country.