Audio: Governor Dennis Daugaard

Audio: Governor's Column - The Purpose Of SD's Juvenile Justice System

It has been three years since we reformed South Dakota’s juvenile justice system. When the legislation was passed, South Dakota had the second highest juvenile incarceration rate in the country. It was nearly three times the national average. At the same time, our juvenile violent crime arrest rate was approximately one-third of the national average. We were locking up primarily non-violent juvenile offenders.

Audio: Governor's Column - South Dakota's Economic Development Wins

There are many things happening in our state that lead me to be hopeful about South Dakota’s future, especially in the realm of economic development. Overall, 2017 was a great year in terms of economic development wins. The Governor’s Office of Economic Development helped facilitate deals that total over $735 million in investment and are expected to create more than 1,400 new jobs.

Audio: Governor's Column - Reason To Be Hopeful

On Tuesday, February 13th, the state legislature’s Joint Committee on Appropriations adopted revenue projections for Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 and FY2019 state budgets. Fortunately, since I offered my budget proposal in December, more recent months of revenue collections have been stronger. These months of improved revenue, coupled with the economic stimulus expected from federal tax cuts, portend better future revenue.

Audio: Governor's Column - The Perseverance Of Our Largest Industry

Last year was another tough year for agriculture. After seeing a lack of moisture in the spring, we declared a statewide emergency in June. The drought persisted throughout the summer, and even today, as I write this, over 90 percent of the ground in the state is abnormally dry with almost 60 percent of the state in moderate to severe drought.

Audio: Governor's Column - The Complex Issue Of Addiction

As a state, we grapple with many issues. Some are very complex, with no easy fix or single solution. These may require sustained effort over long periods, through different administrations and legislatures and generations of South Dakotans. Drug abuse is one such issue.

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