Audio: Governor Dennis Daugaard

Audio: Governor's Column -- 2017 Buffalo Roundup

On Friday morning, Sept. 29, a few dozen cowboys will put on their boots and saddle their horses. Custer State Park employees will arise before dawn. And thousands from across the state, country and world will gather, all to continue a 52-year tradition.

Audio: Gov. Daugaard Awards Tech School Grants

Gov. Dennis Daugaard announced today he is awarding over $860,000 in Future Funds to fund equipment needs in Build Dakota-eligible programs at South Dakota’s four technical institutes.

Audio: Governor's Column -- Recovering Debts Owed To South Dakotans

When a debt is owed to you, sometimes it can be difficult to collect. Whether it’s a grocery store that receives a bad check, a carpenter seeking payment on a bill or a person who loans a friend fifty dollars, it’s not enjoyable or easy to recover what you are owed.

Audio: Millions Recovered In Year One Of State’s Debt Collection Efforts

More than 3.3 million dollars has been recovered in the first year of South Dakota’s Obligation Recovery Center program, according to a report released today by the Bureau of Administration.

Audio: Governor Announces Build Dakota Scholarship Recipients

The Build Dakota Scholarship Board has selected 285 students as recipients of the Build Dakota Scholarship for the 2017-18 school year.

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