Audio: Governor Dennis Daugaard

Audio: Governor's Column -- An Unglamorous Yet Necessary Undertaking

The word that best sums up the public trust held by elected officials is stewardship. Stewardship – the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one's care – has been my goal as governor.

Audio from Gov. Daugaard: Steps Forward In Mental Health

A significant number of Americans struggle with mental illness. For many the struggle is silent. Some experience short-term mental health problems, it’s not uncommon for individuals temporarily to face mild forms of mental illness at some point during their lives.

Audio: Governor's Column -- SD's Gun Laws Effective, Appropriate and Minimal

Gun control measures have been gaining ground in some places around the nation in recent years. In the more urban areas of the country and along the coasts, people are more wary, and perhaps fearful, of guns.

Audio: Governor's Column -- Pursuing Constitutional Reforms

Elected officials have an obligation to respect the will of the voters, but we also have a duty to defend our state constitution. Unfortunately, Initiated Measure 22 has numerous constitutional defects.

Audio: Governor's Column -- Washington Looking To The States

On Friday, Jan. 20, I was in Washington, D.C., among the many who attended the inaugural ceremonies for our 45th President. As governor, I was provided a seat on the platform, among other governors, former presidents, Supreme Court justices, Senators, and members of Congress. For someone like me, who grew up on a small farm, and attended a one-room school, being among those seated behind President Trump was both surreal and humbling.

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