Audio: Governor Dennis Daugaard

Audio: Governor's Column -- By Knowing and Telling Their Stories

Bill Bianchi may not have been born in South Dakota, but he became like an adopted son when in 1936 he began attending SDSU to earn an animal science degree. Bianchi kept busy in school playing football and participating in ROTC, and not long after graduating, Bianchi, a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army, was sent to the Philippines to train new soldiers.

Audio: Gov. Daugaard Celebrates Completion of Good Earth Visitor Center

Gov. Dennis Daugaard joined 300 guests today to celebrate the completion of the visitor center at Good Earth State Park, located five miles southeast of downtown Sioux Falls. The new visitor center, built to highlight the opportunities in the park as well as the tribal history of the area, includes a culture exhibit, a classroom for park programs and a theater where a 20-minute film on the park’s history is shown.

Audio: Governor's Column -- South Dakota Works

In South Dakota we have the third lowest unemployment rate in the nation. This is a source of pride, but it’s also a double-edged sword. Because so few South Dakotans are unemployed, we have a shortage of qualified workers to fill job openings. We lack skilled workers in accounting, engineering, information technology, health care, manufacturing trades and elsewhere.

Audio: Gov. Daugaard Announces Nation's First Paperless Pardon Process

As a part of Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s efforts to make government more efficient, the State of South Dakota today rolled out a pardon website for individuals seeking clemency, making South Dakota the only state in the nation with such a tool.

Audio: Governor's Column -- Great State, Great Staff

The State of South Dakota impacts the lives of its citizens daily. We drive on roads maintained by the Department of Transportation. We enjoy parks and recreational areas operated by the Department of Game, Fish and Parks. Many in need receive help from the Department of Social Services.

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