Audio: Governor Dennis Daugaard

Audio: Governor's Column -- We Don't Spend Money We Don't Have

Every December, the state legislature meets to receive a budget proposal from the governor. This proposal is the starting point for the legislative budget process, which ends with the passage of a budget bill at the end of session in March.

Audio: Governor's Column -- Making Progress on Teacher Pay

As I enter my final weeks as governor, many people are asking me to reflect on my time in office. I’m not a person who worries much about a “legacy.” I just hope that I have left things a little better than I found them. It is hard, though, not to reminisce about the events of the last eight years. One memory of which I’m very proud is the progress we made on teacher pay.

Audio: Governor's Column -- Thanksgiving - A Special Day to Share with Family and Friends

Back on the farm, we had a big dining room table that sat against one wall most of the year. On Thanksgiving, Dad pulled that table out into the middle of the room. Mom covered it with the good tablecloth and set the good dishes. She crowded every square inch of the table’s surface with turkey and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, a real feast for our family to share after we gave thanks for the blessings we had enjoyed during the past year.

Audio: Governor's Column -- On Veterans Day, We Recognize Commitment and Courage

When I was a young boy, sometimes on trips to town I would see an old soldier or sailor on the street. The Korean War was still fresh in our minds, and World War II as well. The veterans I spotted didn’t go out of their way to be noticed. Folks around town just knew who they were and what they had done. They were some of my boyhood heroes, and on Veterans Day, the whole town turned out to recognize them.

Audio: Governor's Column -- Stopping the Flu Starts With You

As my term comes to a close, Linda and I have been planning for our future outside the Governor’s office. One of the things we are most looking forward to is spending more time with friends, family and loved ones. In addition to planning for our financial future, we’ve also been taking steps to ensure we’re taking care of our health, including getting our annual flu vaccination.

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