Videos: Governor Dennis Daugaard

Video: Gov. Daugaard on Prescription Drug Abuse
South Dakotans will have the chance to throw out unneeded prescription drugs on Saturday, April 29, as law enforcement agencies across the state participate in the National Prescription Drug Take Back Program.

Video: Tribal Leaders Participate In Governor’s Public Safety Roundtable
Gov. Dennis Daugaard yesterday met with tribal leaders to discuss Senate Bill 176, potential pipeline protests and public safety. In the wake of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests in North Dakota, state and tribal leaders came together on Wednesday to converse on how to avoid potential problems, share concerns and work on possible solutions.

Video: Oversight Council Releases Juvenile Report, Governor Signs SB 179
Today the Juvenile Justice Public Safety Improvement Act Oversight Council released its first annual report on progress made under Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s juvenile justice reforms. The Oversight Council is the statutorily authorized entity that monitors the juvenile justice reforms.

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