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Pesticides for Mountain Pine Beetle Must be Registered



For Immediate Release: Feb. 24, 2012
Media Contacts: Brad Berven, SDDA, 605-773-4432
John Ball, SDSU, 605-688-4737


Pesticides for Mountain Pine Beetle Must be Registered


PIERRE, S.D. - Considering the severity of the mountain pine beetle epidemic, the South Dakota Department of Agriculture (SDDA) advises landowners to carefully consider the preventative treatment options available to protect their trees.


Any pesticide product used to treat mountain pine beetles must be registered with SDDA. Landowners can determine if a pesticide product is registered in South Dakota for use on mountain pine beetles by visiting the website www.beatthebeetles.com and clicking on Landowner Guidance.


Applicators must read the label of each product to ensure it is the correct product for the correct situation. Not all products are registered for all uses. The label is the final authority for a product’s use on a particular plant or pest.


Pesticide treatments are limited to protecting trees from becoming infested, said Dr. John Ball, South Dakota State University Extension Service forestry specialist. There are no effective systemic pesticide treatments that will kill adult pine beetles or larvae once they are inside trees, he said.


“While there are pesticides on the market labeled to prevent beetles from emerging once they’ve infested a tree, there are few published reports that indicate any success and a number of reports that show failure, either to save the infested tree or protect a tree from becoming infested,” Ball said. “It is generally more effective for a homeowner to hire a commercial applicator with the experience and equipment to properly treat and protect trees.”


Homeowners considering treating their own trees for mountain pine beetles are cautioned to use the proper equipment and only apply pesticides that are labeled for that purpose. Unless homeowners are certified commercial pesticide applicators in South Dakota, they may not treat trees on the property of others.


Applicators are reminded to read and follow all label precautions, warnings, safety recommendations and use instructions.


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