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Governor Daugaard Signs Several Bills


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                                   Governor Daugaard Signs Several More Bills


PIERRE, S.D. – Gov. Dennis Daugaard has signed the following legislative bills today (Friday):


HB1017 -An Act to authorize the Bureau of Administration to  construct a maintenance shop in Pierre, to make an appropriation therefor, and to declare an emergency.

HB1018 - An Act to repeal certain obsolete or unnecessary provisions pertaining to the Department of Game, Fish and Parks.

HB1045 - An Act to revise various trust provisions.

HB1051 - An Act to authorize the South Dakota Building Authority and the Board of Regents to implement the long-term capital project request of the Board of Regents providing for the demolition, construction, remodeling, or renovation of various structures on the campuses of the state's universities and to make appropriations therefor.

HB1052 - An Act to grant discretion to the court with regard to personal appearances in certain adoption appearances.

HB1059 - An Act to revise Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, to make an appropriation, and to declare an emergency.

HB1066 - An Act to allow for the cremation of deceased persons who are indigent and the funeral expenses are the financial responsibility of the county.

HB1107 - An Act to revise certain provisions concerning the bonding authority of the South Dakota Conservancy District.

HB1117 - An Act to provide for the taking of muskrats by shooting under certain conditions.

HB1130 - An Act to revise the fee schedule for certain documents filed with the county register of deeds, to create a county and statewide fund for the purpose of modernizing and preserving records, and to distribute certain revenue.

HB1131 - An Act to revise certain provisions relating to the posting of public notice for meetings of public bodies.

HB1156 - An Act to revise procedures and requirements relating to special assessments and the financing of local improvements.

HB1164 - An Act to revise certain provisions regarding the sale of certain surplus property in Yankton County.

HB1178 - An Act to revise certain provisions relating to the disposal of local government property.

HB1179 - An Act to require certain campaign finance requirements to apply to all counties and municipalities.

HB1182 - An Act to revise the filing deadlines for the nomination of certain independent candidates.

HB1187 - An Act to exempt health care sharing ministries from the provisions of the health insurance code.

HB1227 - An Act to revise certain provisions with regard to the rights of industrial and construction equipment dealers.

HB1230 - An Act to modify the publication requirements regarding the applications.

HB1254 - An Act to revise certain provisions pertaining to the  decision of a pregnant mother considering termination of her relationship with her child by an abortion, to establish certain procedures to insure that such decisions are voluntary, uncoerced, and informed, and to revise certain causes of action for professional negligence relating to performance of an abortion.

HB1263 - An Act to provide for mandatory HIV testing for any person convicted of prostitution or solicitation of prostitution and to provide for appropriate utilization of the test results.

HB1269 - An Act to make an appropriation for certain costs related to disasters and to pine beetle suppression and to declare an emergency.

HB1270 - An Act to revise the time period for which unclaimed property is presumed abandoned and to revise certain provisions regarding the publication notice of unclaimed property.

HB1273 - An Act to prohibit the sale of loose leaf incense to minors, to prohibit certain marketing techniques, to regulate the sale of certain types of incense, and to provide penalties therefor, and to declare an emergency.

SB48 - An Act to revise the General Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2012.

SB53 - An Act to permit the Department of Public Safety to  require certain accident reports to be filed by electronic means.

SB68 - An Act to provide that no statute of limitations applies to certain rape offenses.

SB71 - An Act to modify the requirements relating to the publication of the administrative rules.

SB78 - An Act to allow an arrest to be expunged when the criminal case is dismissed.

SB103 - An Act to revise the procedure for cooperatives giving notice to persons whose records are missing regarding ownership of securities, apportionment of equity interest, money, or property.

SB112 - An Act to remove the limitation on the number of retail gaming  licenses in Deadwood in which a person may have a financial interest.

SB156 - An Act to establish strangulation as one element of  the crime of aggravated assault.

SB174 - An Act to increase the 911 emergency surcharge, to  revise the collection and distribution of the surcharge revenue, to provide for point of sale collection of the prepaid wireless 911 emergency surcharge, and to provide funding for the upgrade of 911 emergency services.

SB186 - An Act to update the definition of the nonsectarian textbooks that are loaned to certain students to include digital materials.

SB188 - An Act to authorize the establishment, operation, and control of research parks on lands controlled by the Board of Regents.

SB191 - An Act to provide for authorization to offer postsecondary education services in South Dakota.

SB192 - An Act to make appropriations for the purpose of one-time increases in education and health-care funding.

SB195 - An Act to make appropriations from the water and environment fund, the water pollution control revolving fund subfund, and the drinking water revolving fund subfund for various water and environmental purposes, to revise the state water plan, to authorize the construction and establish the state cost share for the Belle Fourche irrigation upgrade project, and to declare an emergency.





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