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Health Department honors several Pierre employees

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Friday, March 09, 2012
CONTACT:  Joan Adam, (605) 773-3361 


Health Department honors several Pierre employees


PIERRE, S.D. – The South Dakota Department of Health recently honored several Pierre area employees in the agency’s annual Secretary’s Awards Program. The awards are given to recognize department employees who have made significant contributions to public health in the state.


Dick Bradley received the Outstanding Contribution to Public Health Award for significant contributions over the course of a career. He has worked with the State Public Health Laboratory since 1976, managing mycobacteriology section, which is responsible for testing tuberculosis samples. He is well respected in the medical community for his expertise with tuberculosis as well as his knowledge in working with the many hundreds of other mycobacteria species. He has greatly contributed to the TB control effort in South Dakota during the past 35 years with his prompt and accurate diagnosis of TB, making a significant difference to the public health of the South Dakota.


Katie Engle received the Rising Star Award, which recognizes department newcomers for outstanding work. Engle joined the Public Health Laboratory in November 2009 and quickly established herself as an expert in the area of forensic toxicology. She has gone beyond the normal areas of training to educate herself about the law enforcement community and their needs. She has presented to various law enforcement groups and helped create and deliver a new Chemistry 101 course designed for law enforcement and attorneys. Engle is the first chemist from the Public Health Laboratory to earn membership in the Society of Forensic Toxicology, an elite organization requiring letters of nomination from current members along with proper education and experience.


Receiving the Excellence in the Workplace Award for outstanding performance in the past year was staff from the department’s Office of Rural Health for their efforts in developing and launching Simulation in Motion – South Dakota (SIM-SD). SIM-SD is a unique mobile training program that delivers hands-on emergency training to EMTs, paramedics, nurses and doctors in rural communities using human patient simulators and a standardized, statewide training curriculum. South Dakota is the first state to take such training directly to providers in rural areas with its fleet of three custom-built, 44-foot-long, mobile learning units that are fully equipped for training, along with two smaller outreach models. Staff members honored for their work on SIM-SD include Sandra Durick, Halley Lee, Gary Myers, Kenny Doppenberg, Karen Cudmore, Chrystal Wright, and Josie Peterson.