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Gant pleased with new election night reporting website

After overseeing the election last evening, Secretary of State Jason Gant made the following statement regarding the operation of election systems across the state, including his new election night reporting software:


For this election, we made significant improvements to the election night reporting system, including the movement to a cloud based system. During previous elections, the system would crash if there were over 200 simultaneous users. With the improvements to the system, our servers maintained stability at well over 600 users, with capabilities of handling thousands of simultaneous website users at the same time Auditors continued to upload results.”


“In addition to improving system stability by moving results to the cloud, major advancements to the system included a better user interface, as well as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds to enable people to stream election results to computers and mobile devices.”


“Except for a minor data glitch, which was quickly resolved, I’m otherwise very pleased with the system performance in terms of user capacity, speed and performance. I am very confident that taxpayers and those monitoring election results will appreciate the advancements we continue to bring to the election night reporting system.”


“Regarding voter turnout, collectively, we had just over a 21 percent voter turnout. While not a historic low, it needs to be better.”


“Our democracy is decided by the people who show up and participate, and a 21 percent participation level is not a positive trend. Our office is active in civic education for young people through partnerships with Rock the Vote and Kids Voting, and we’re going to explore extending voter participation efforts through all age groups.”


“I want to thank everyone who participated by voting, the hundreds of poll workers, and those who participated by running for office. You are the ones who make our system of government work.”