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Secretary of State Proposes Further Budget Cuts to Own Office

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, January 11, 2018
CONTACT: Kristin Gabriel at (605) 773-3537 or Kristin.Gabriel@state.sd.us

PIERRE, S.D. – Secretary of State Shantel Krebs has proposed a 2.49% budget reduction to the office’s state fiscal year 2019 budget.

Secretary Krebs presented the proposal to the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Appropriations on Wednesday, proposing decreases in all expenditures including salaries, travel, contractual services, capital outlay, supplies and materials.

Proposed reductions to personal services and operating expenses will amount to a $48,569 reduction to the state general fund, a $11,386 reduction to the Federal Help America Vote Act fund and a $15,427 reduction to other funds. The overall proposed budget reduction amounts to $75,382.

“State employees should be stewards of taxpayer dollars,” said Secretary Krebs. “If I see a process that could be completed more efficiently or with less taxpayer dollars - I make it happen.”

Each year Secretary Krebs implements a zero-based budgeting policy which is a practice used by businesses, but not commonly used in government. Zero-based budgeting can lower costs by avoiding blanket increases to a prior period's budget.

A budget reduction of $44,836 was proposed by the Secretary of State’s office prior to Governor Daugaard’s budget address, however after hearing of the near $33.7 million shortfall Secretary Krebs proposed even further cuts to her budget to make up for lost revenues statewide.