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Gov. Daugaard Vetoes HB 1188

          Office of Gov. Dennis Daugaard

500 E. Capitol Ave.

Pierre, S.D. 57501







FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Friday, March 23, 2018

CONTACT:  Tony Venhuizen or Kelsey Pritchard at 605-773-3212



Gov. Daugaard Vetoes HB 1188


PIERRE, S.D. – Gov. Dennis Daugaard has vetoed the following bill:


HB 1188 – An Act to establish certain provisions regarding postsecondary tuition assistance programs.


For more information about this bill and other bills, visit sdlegislature.gov.    




Note: A copy of the Governor’s veto message follows:


March 23, 2018


The Honorable G. Mark Mickelson

Speaker of the House of Representatives

500 East Capitol Avenue

Pierre, South Dakota 57501


Dear Mr. Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives,


I respectfully return to you House Bill 1188, with my VETO.  House Bill 1188 is An Act to establish certain provisions regarding postsecondary tuition assistance programs.


House Bill 1188 attempts to require that certain criteria be included in any future legislation regarding tuition assistance programs.  However, one legislature cannot bind the hands of a future legislature, and for this reason this bill has no practical effect.  A future legislature could pass legislation that creates a postsecondary tuition assistance program and ignores the requirements of this bill.


Legislators can already request these evaluation criteria as a bill moves through the normal legislative process.  If legislators find the criteria to be insufficient, they can defeat the bill.  If legislators approve such a program, it can still be reevaluated each year through the appropriations process. 


From 2011 to 2017, we worked together to repeal 129,746 words of unnecessary laws, and during this session we repealed still more.  We should not add unnecessary words to our code, and for that reason I ask that you sustain my veto.


Respectfully submitted,

Dennis Daugaard