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South Dakota State Fleet Used 2 Million Gallons of Ethanol

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday, May 17, 2018

MEDIA CONTACT: Leah Svendsen, Bureau of Administration, 605-773-3688



South Dakota State Fleet Used 2 Million Gallons of Ethanol in Flex-Fuel Vehicles


Pierre, S.D. – The South Dakota state vehicle fleet burned nearly 2 million gallons of ethanol-blended fuels in its flex-fuel vehicles during the last year, according to the South Dakota Bureau of Administration. From mid-May 2017 through mid-May 2018, its fleet of more than 2,500 flex-fuel vehicles utilized 1.91 million gallons of E-10, E-30 and E-85 fuels during the year.


“We have been increasing the number of flex-fuel vehicles we purchase each year,” said Bureau of Administration Commissioner Scott Bollinger. “As older vehicles wear out, we look to replace them with flex-fuel models.”


Ethanol is available at 95 different state fueling sites across South Dakota. The Division of Fleet and Travel Management has installed E-30 pumps at three of the state’s largest fueling sites in Sioux Falls, Pierre and Brookings. Recent decreases in ethanol prices have made E-30 a viable cost-savings option.


Of South Dakota’s entire state fleet, which includes hundreds of vehicles that burn diesel and other fuels, 65 percent regularly use an ethanol-blended fuel.


“South Dakota is a national leader when it comes to utilizing ethanol in its state vehicle fleet,” Bollinger noted. “Ethanol helps our agriculture community, burns cleaner and is saving us money.”


For more information, please contact Leah Svendsen at 605-773-3688.


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