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2018 South Dakota Report Card to be released

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, Nov. 19, 2018

CONTACT: Mary Stadick Smith, South Dakota Department of Education, 605-773-7228,mary.stadicksmith@state.sd.us or Ruth Raveling, South Dakota Department of Education, 605-773-2593, ruth.raveling@state.sd.us


2018 South Dakota Report Card to be released

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – At its meeting earlier today, the South Dakota Board of Education Standards received a briefing on the release of the 2018 Report Card, which is expected later this month. This is the state’s first Report Card under the Every Student Succeeds Act. The federal law requires new data items to be reported and that the information be concise, accessible and easy to read.


“South Dakota’s school accountability system under ESSA is designed to present a more well-rounded picture of school performance – understanding that test scores, while important, are just one piece of data,” said Interim Secretary of Education Mary Stadick Smith. “There are many other factors that contribute to a school’s success, some of which are hard to quantify. The new Report Card is reflective of trying to paint a broader picture and using that data to drive continuous improvement.”


Among the new data points is a focus on the progress of students for whom English is not their native language. South Dakota has seen an increase in its English learner population, and this indicator is designed to provide information on how that group of students is progressing in its quest to master the language. Preliminary data indicates that 30 percent of English learners are on track to be English language proficient within five years.


At the high school level, the Report Card now shows the percentage of students who graduate high school and go on to pursue some kind of postsecondary work at a two- or four-year institution. The statewide rate is 69 percent, with the majority of those students choosing to stay in South Dakota to do that postsecondary work.


In addition, an expanded picture of what is termed “college and career readiness” accounts for students who take dual credit courses, Advanced Placement exams, and two career and technical education courses within a single career cluster and meet certain benchmarks within those areas.


Traditional indicators of school performance continue to be a part of the Report Card. Preliminary data indicates that 55 percent of students met the performance benchmark for English language arts in 2017-18, up from 52.7 percent the previous year. Preliminary data for math shows that 47 percent met the benchmark, up from 46.34 percent.

Preliminary results for the student progress indicator show a similar upward trajectory, with 59 percent meeting the benchmark for growth in English language arts in 2017-18, up from 55.69 percent the previous year. In math, 53 percent met the growth benchmark, up from 52.81 percent.


The state worked with an organization called Be a Learning Hero to develop its new, parent friendly Report Card website.


Beginning later this month, the 2018 Report Card can be accessed by visiting www.doe.sd.gov and clicking on the “2018 Report Card” banner.