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Noem Approves Bill Allowing Schools to Carry Opioid Antidotes

Governor Kristi Noem today signed SB84, a bill that allows trained staff at schools to administer opioid antidotes in case of an overdose. 


“In recent years, opioids have stolen the lives of hundreds of South Dakotans, and students are not immune,” said Noem. “As we work to educate students on the extreme consequences of opioids, meth, and other drugs, we must also take steps to help those already caught in addiction. This bill allows trained staff at schools to administer an opioid antidote if a student has overdosed, giving them another chance for recovery. If one life is saved as a result of this legislation, it’s worth it.”


Governor Kristi Noem today signed the following bills into law: 

  • HB1080 – An act to increase the property tax exemption allowed for certain veterans with a disability and the surviving spouses of certain veterans with a disability
  • HB1081 – An act to authorize certain paraplegic or amputee veterans or their surviving spouses to retain a property tax exemption without having to reapply each year
  • HB1122 – An act to revise references to persons who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • HB1176 – An act to provide for the regulation of saline tattoo removal by municipalities
  • HB1215 – An act to revise provisions regarding the posting of county and municipality ordinances
  • HB1242 – An act to include opossums within the definition of predator and to declare an emergency
  • SB40  An act to authorize the transfer of certain real property to the Animal Industry Board
  • SB43 – An act to redirect funding to a collaborative program in rural veterinary medical education and to provide tax revenue for the support of veterinary students
  • SB45 – An act to revise the provisions regarding the filing of a statement of additional issues on appeal in certain contested cases
  • SB 53 – An act to authorize certain retailers to offer quantity discounts or cash discounts for the purchase of alcoholic beverages
  • SB63 – An act to increase the penalty for a subsequent conviction for trespass to hunt, fish, or trap
  • SB75 – An act to revise certain provisions regarding who is eligible to serve as a candidate in the event of a vacancy
  • SB77 – An act to revise provisions regarding candidates running for office
  • SB78 – An act to exempt certain medical providers from licensure
  • SB84 – An act to authorize the possession and administration of opioid antagonists by school district and nonpublic school personnel, and to declare an emergency
  • SB85 – An act to revise the deadline for the Department of Health's annual report regarding abortions
  • SB90 – An act to revise provisions regarding certain financial interest statements filed by persons elected to state or local office
  • SB92 – An act to revise certain provisions regarding the signature requirements for municipal elections
  • SB98 – An act to repeal the sunset of a wine manufacturer license
  • SB114 – An act to attribute campaign contributions by certain minors to their parents
  • SB121 – An act to revise certain provisions regarding manufacturers' warranties for motor vehicles to include all-terrain vehicles
  • SB129 – An act to exempt motor vehicles owned by licensed ambulance services from certain motor vehicle registration fees
  • SB143 – An act to revise visitation rights of a person causing conception by rape or incest
  • SB163 – An act to revise certain provisions regarding jury lists