About State News

The state news site is designed to provide you with the latest news and information from the State of South Dakota. This is a resource site intended for the media and citizens of South Dakota who are interested in the day to day operations of what is happening within state government.

Features of the site include:
  • News by Agency: Access the latest press releases and other information distributed by agency, from the Governor's Office to the Department of Tribal Relations, the Unified Judicial System and more.

  • Archives: Access to press releases distributed from the past to the current by a simple search function.

  • Multimedia: Access to video, photos and much more.

  • Social Media: Access to instant conversations about the latest news and information in state government.

  • Subscribe: Become a part of the distribution list to receive instant updates or access to press releases issued from the Governor's Office.

  • Contact Us: If you are looking for an interview on a particular topic or press release, please contact us or provide us with your feedback or concerns you may be having with the site at any time.