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January Mental Health Memo: New Year. Skills for the job of living
To support your well-being, check in with your “jobs of living” as you begin the new year.

Stronger Families Together for the Holidays
Sharing the joy of the holiday season can mean even more by choosing to become a foster or adoptive family for a child in South Dakota.

Recognizing signs of depression key to treating it
Depression is one of the most common mood disorders in the United States, affecting thousands of South Dakotans each year.

Grants available to child care providers
Grants to assist child care providers licensed and registered with the South Dakota Department of Social Services (DSS) will soon be available, Governor Kristi Noem announced this week.

December Mental Health Memo: Weathering the Holiday Season
The month of December is supposed to be a time for excitement and holiday cheer. There are family gatherings, decorating for Christmas, and reflecting on the things (people) for which we are grateful.

More adoptive families needed for older children, siblings, and children with special needs
More adoptive families are needed for older children, sibling groups, and children who require specialized parenting for medical, developmental or emotional needs throughout South Dakota.

Resources available to help survivors of suicide loss
Finding support from others and exercising self-care is important for survivors of suicide loss to cope with the grief and emotions that suicide can bring. South Dakota Suicide Prevention has help and resources available.

November is Adoption Awareness Month in South Dakota
Governor Kristi Noem has made November Adoption Awareness Month to recognize those who provide loving, stable forever homes to South Dakota children.

Foster system seeks more families in Native American communities as Stronger Families Together works toward recruitment goal
When children need to be placed with a foster family, staying in their own community helps minimize the trauma. That is why more foster families are needed, especially among tribal members in South Dakota.

November Mental Health Memo: Managing Grief during the Holiday Season
With a variety of in-store and online advertisements beginning at the first sign of fall, it is nearly impossible to avoid being bombarded with reminders of the upcoming holidays.

Substance use has dangerous tie to suicide
Substance use is associated with an increased risk for suicide, especially for those struggling with a co-occurring mental health problem or previous suicide attempt.

Foster youth, families finding support in public-private partnership
The public-private partnership between the Department of Social Services (DSS) and charitable organizations, businesses, and faith leaders in South Dakota – Stronger Families Together – is benefiting foster and adoptive youth and their families in significant ways.

Child Support Commission to hold Rapid City meeting, hearing
The final public hearing to gather input on changes to child support guidelines in South Dakota will happen Wednesday, October 27th, in Rapid City.