Audio: Governor Kristi Noem

Audio: Governor's Column -- Thank You And Goodbye

This is the last column I will write as Governor of South Dakota, and I want to say “thank you.”

Audio: Governor's Column -- Better Than We Found It

If you visit the Capital City, you will see that the “Trail of Governors” project is placing around Pierre life-size bronze statues of every former governor. Twenty-two statues are already in place, with nine left to go.

Audio: Governor's Column -- Sharing the Joy and Peace of Christmas

Sometimes I wonder if every kid who grew up on a South Dakota farm or ranch went out with their dad on Christmas Eve searching for Santa Claus.

Audio: Governor's Column -- We Don't Spend Money We Don't Have

Every December, the state legislature meets to receive a budget proposal from the governor. This proposal is the starting point for the legislative budget process, which ends with the passage of a budget bill at the end of session in March.

Audio: Governor's Column -- Making Progress on Teacher Pay

As I enter my final weeks as governor, many people are asking me to reflect on my time in office. I’m not a person who worries much about a “legacy.” I just hope that I have left things a little better than I found them. It is hard, though, not to reminisce about the events of the last eight years. One memory of which I’m very proud is the progress we made on teacher pay.

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