Gov. Noem Holds Press Conference on Border Security and Cartel Presence on Tribal Reservations

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May 17, 2024 

Contact: Amelia Joy 


Gov. Noem Holds Press Conference on Border Security and Cartel Presence on Tribal Reservations


PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem held a press conference on border security and cartel presence on tribal reservation.


“The drug cartels and their criminal activity have made all of our communities unsafe. But they’ve especially made our tribal reservations unsafe,” said Governor Noem. “The problem doesn’t start there – it starts thousands of miles from here. It starts at an open Southern Border that has become a warzone because of the neglect of President Biden and Vice President Harris.”


Yesterday, Governor Noem went to the warzone at the Southern Border and saw the work that the South Dakota National Guard is doing to protect our nation.


During the press conference, Governor Noem highlighted Oglala Sioux Tribe President Frank Star Comes Out’s testimony to the U.S. Senate confirming cartel activity on the Pine Ridge reservation. She presented evidence of the existence of the “Ghost Dancer” gang, something that had been previously disputed by tribal leaders. She showed a preview of the findings of renowned investigative reporter Chris Hansen on cartel presence on tribal reservations. She presented a compilation of statements from tribal leaders and both Democrat and Republican members of Congress confirming cartel activity on tribal reservations across the nation. And she pointed to reporting from the Drug Enforcement Agency that the drug cartels and their affiliates are present in all 50 states.


“I will keep doing my job. The media needs to do its job. And I hope our tribal leaders will do their job, too. Help me help you. Help me help your people,” concluded Governor Noem.


Governor Noem was joined by Lt. Governor Larry Rhoden, Department of Tribal Relations Secretary David Flute, Tribal Law Enforcement Liaison Algin Young, Senator Mike Walsh, and Representative J.D. Wangsness.