Gov. Noem Signs Prison Funding and Criminal Justice Bills into Law

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March 20, 2023

Contact: Ian Fury


Gov. Noem Signs Prison Funding and Criminal Justice Bills into Law


PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Noem signed HB 1016, which funds $60 million for construction of a new women’s prison in Rapid City. She also signed HB 1017, which funds $52 million for the purchase of land and design costs for a new men’s prison near Sioux Falls. The legislation also transfers more than $270 million to the Incarceration Construction Fund for future construction of the men’s prison.


“Funding new prisons is a public safety issue,” said Governor Noem. “Last year, we made the point to legislators that this was necessary. I’m glad that just a year later, they have come to agree and appropriately prioritized the security of South Dakotans.”


When including the budget bills signed earlier today, South Dakota is investing $391 million in the state’s prison system this legislative session.


Governor Noem also signed the following 10 criminal justice bills into law:


  • SB 4 – Modifies a court’s authority to commit a habitual juvenile offender to the Department of Corrections;
  • SB 51 – Revises certain provisions regarding the reimbursement of county expenses in detaining parole violators;
  • SB 53 – Exempts records regarding jail inmate disciplinary matters from public inspection and copying;
  • SB 64 – Repeals provisions related to the jail mental health screening pilot program and oversight council;
  • SB 70 – Revises provisions related to courtroom modifications for child witnesses;
  • SB 90 – Provides certain definitions related to the crime of rape;
  • SB 91 – Revises certain provisions regarding the crime of rape and provides a penalty therefor;
  • SB 146 – Limits parole for violent offenders;
  • SB 168 – Authorizes a board of a school district to adopt policies regarding students who are registered sex offenders; and,
  • HB 1170 – Establishes mandatory sentences for certain driving while under the influence violations.


Governor Noem has signed 170 bills into law and vetoed four this legislative session.