Ringing in the New Year, Letting Freedom Ring

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Ringing in the New Year, Letting Freedom Ring


By: Governor Kristi Noem

December 29, 2023


As 2023 comes to an end, we may find ourselves reflecting on the last year and looking forward to the year ahead. And as I am thinking about all that South Dakota has accomplished this year, I think of our people.


My favorite part of my job is getting to hear stories from folks about how the decisions we make in Pierre really impact their lives. People are grateful to live in a state that still believes in the American Dream, that still respects individual rights, and still holds ourselves to a higher standard of Freedom.


Some of the most inspiring stories have come from people who have moved to South Dakota in the last year with the help of the Freedom Works Here workforce recruitment campaign. And in 2024, we are looking forward to another year of Freedom Working Here.


I recently heard a great story from State Auditor Rich Sattgast about an employee his office had hired, Ashley, who recently moved here from Ohio. In fact, three of the State Auditor’s fifteen employees have moved to South Dakota from other states because of our Freedom-first policies.


Ashley was kind enough to write me a letter about her experience and why she chose to move to South Dakota over any other state in America. She wrote that while most states were shutting down during the pandemic, one state caught her eye – the state that stayed “Open for Business.”


From South Dakota’s booming economy, to our record-low unemployment rates, and our dedication to the very principles upon which our nation was founded, Ashley couldn’t deny that the quality of life just looked better here than anywhere else.


So, Ashley moved out of her home state for the first time in her life. Just a few weeks ago, she set foot in South Dakota for the first time. She wrote of the beauty she saw along her drive across the state and how excited she is to see our state continue to grow and develop.


We are telling South Dakota’s story – and it’s resonating with Freedom-loving Americans all over. I am glad that our state is reaching so many people across the country. And I am sure that Auditor Sattgast will love welcoming Ashley into our state and into her new community.


In 2024, we will be releasing more Freedom Works Here ads to recruit hardworking people like Ashley to our state. I am excited to see the continued success of this campaign and growth of our winning workforce.


So, as we head into a new year, I can promise that South Dakota will continue to be the Freest state in America. We will still be a beacon of hope for the rest of nation. And we will keep showing the world the Freedom really does Work Here.


In South Dakota, we won’t just be ringing in 2024 – we’ll be letting Freedom ring.