Gov. Noem Signs Bills into Law

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March 5, 2024

Contact: Amelia Joy


Gov. Noem Signs Bills into Law


PIERRE, S.D. – Yesterday, Governor Kristi Noem signed the following 19 bills into law:


  • SB 9 further limits applications for clemency for violent crime offenders sentenced to life imprisonment;
  • SB 15 requires a convicted defendant to reimburse the cost of digital forensic examination fees;
  • SB 42 modifies provisions related to medical cannabis;
  • SB 76 modifies provisions pertaining to the appointment of vacant positions on a board or commission;
  • SB 81 expands permission on installing electric wiring in a residence;
  • SB 84 updates the edition of the guidebook used for measuring damages to trees or plants;
  • SB 85 revises a provision related to an action to quiet title to real property;
  • SB 86 allows a municipality authorized to allow legal games of chance to issue additional off-sale liquor licenses to hotel-motel convention facilities;
  • SB 112 establishes a non-resident title fee;
  • SB 152 establishes maximum fees for legal publications and to remove related rule-making authority from the Bureau of Administration;
  • SB 169 revises provisions regarding drones;
  • HB 1082 changes the eligibility requirements, and the exempt value, of a property tax relief program for disabled veterans and surviving spouses;
  • HB 1084 repeals a provision related to habeas corpus proceedings;
  • HB 1086 establishes an enhanced penalty for probationers intentionally causing contact with bodily fluids or human waste with a Unified Judicial System employee;
  • HB 1099 establishes educational standards for the expanded practice of optometry;
  • HB 1100 modifies certain requirements for eligibility to receive a gift of a museum collection from a county or municipality;
  • HB 1147 addresses discriminatory acts against entities participating in a 340B drug pricing program;
  • HB 1182 revises provisions pertaining to the observation of the conduct of an election; and,
  • HB 1196 streamlines the process by which an on-sale retail license holder may acquire a special event license.


A photo of Governor Noem signing these bills can be found here.


Governor Noem has signed 129 bills into law this legislative session.