Freedom Works Here Ad Airs during Republican Presidential Debate

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August 24, 2023

Contact: Ian Fury


 “Freedom Works Here” Ad Airs during Republican Presidential Debate


PIERRE, S.D. – On Wednesday night, the “Bright Side” ad aired during the first Republican presidential primary debate on Fox News. The debate generated 35.7 million impressions for Governor Kristi Noem’s national “Freedom Works Here” workforce recruitment campaign.


“People love the new ad! I have heard time and time again that ‘Bright Side’ is their favorite, so we aimed it at the Freedom-loving debate viewers,” said Governor Noem. “Americans are taking action to move to South Dakota. We have open jobs that need to be filled, and we are showing the nation why this is the best state in the nation to live, work, and raise a family.”


Last Friday, in the 24 hours after Governor Noem launched the “Bright Side” ad, the “Freedom Works Here” campaign received 386 applications – a new daily high. Governor Noem unveiled the ad last Thursday night on Hannity.


“Freedom Works Here” will advertise in the November issue of Stars & Stripes, a publication targeted at 350,000 military personnel who are leaving the service and seeking job opportunities. This is an opportunity for South Dakota to connect with military personnel and veterans.  


The “Freedom Works Here” ads have been viewed over 558 million times. Since the beginning of the campaign, 5,674 people have submitted applications. 1,100 individuals are in the final stages of moving to South Dakota.


The most applications have come from California (917), Texas (423), Florida (418), Minnesota (328), and New York (255). 163 South Dakotans have also used the campaign as a tool to get plugged into career opportunities. A map showing where applicants are from can be found here


These numbers represent those working directly through the “Freedom Works Here” program. Even more people are finding jobs and moving to South Dakota of their own accord after seeing the ads.


More information about the Freedom Works Here campaign can be found here.