Nothing Less Than Impressed: Freedom Works Here Stories

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November 9, 2023

Contact: Amelia Joy


Nothing Less Than Impressed: Freedom Works Here Stories


PIERRE, S.D. – Governor Noem’s Freedom Works Here nationwide workforce recruitment campaign is telling South Dakota’s story to the entire nation. Here are the stories of just some of the folks who have made the move to South Dakota after seeing the Freedom Works Here campaign.


Colin, a Minnesota resident, reached out to our Madison Job Services office with the goal of living and working in South Dakota while attending Dakota State University. Our job experts helped him write his resume and connect with businesses in need. Colin arrived in Madison, South Dakota in September. Thanks to Freedom Works Here, he has paved a clear path for his academic and professional careers.


Chad is a Marine veteran who wanted to move his family to Rapid City to improve their quality of life. He worked with our team of job advisors to land multiple job opportunities and find housing. Chad told us that he was “nothing less than impressed with the State of South Dakota, not just for its beauty, but by the way day-to-day business operations are conducted.” The nonprofit organization he helped found, called the Forgotten Fifteen Foundation, will also be calling South Dakota their headquarter state.


We are continuing to show Freedom-loving Americans that Freedom really does Work Here.