Prescription Take-Back Day is Saturday, April 27

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PIERRE – Since South Dakota began participating in the National Prescription Take-Back Day in 2017, nearly 53,000 pounds of medication has been collected for destruction through participating law enforcement locations. South Dakotans again have an opportunity to add to that total with the next Take-Back Day later this month.


The next Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) National Prescription Take-Back Day is Saturday, April 27. The day provides an opportunity to safely dispose of prescription drugs no longer needed in a home.  Unwanted, unneeded, or unused medications can be disposed of without question in a secure medication drop box at participating locations like pharmacies and police stations.

“Participating in the April 27 Take-Back Day event is a small thing we can all do to combat the big issue of drug abuse,” said DSS Cabinet Secretary Matt Althoff. “If you have any unused prescription drugs at home, we encourage you to set a reminder on your calendar for this opportunity. To all who have participated in the past, we thank you for having taken this meaningful measure that can help avert the misuse of prescription drugs.”


For those who cannot make it to a designated take-back site, DisposeRx packets are available for free from the DSS and can be mailed directly to you. DisposeRx packets contain an FDA-approved ingredient that, when mixed with water, chemically and physically neutralizes the medication so it can be safely thrown away at home. The packets work with pills, tablets, capsules, liquids, and powders.


To find the closest take-back locations or to order DisposeRx packets, visit


DSS also has medication lock boxes available free of charge to help families safely store medications in their homes.  Lock boxes can be requested at


According to the 2022 Nation Survey on Drug Use and Health, among the 8.9 million people that misused opioids in the past year, 8.5 million were misusing prescription pain relievers. With the increasing danger of fake pills and fentanyl-laced pills, keeping any pills off the street, and off the illegal market, takes on a growing importance. If you come across pills or medication in a public place like a park or parking lot, do not touch them or pick them up. Instead, the Department urges that you call law enforcement as they have been trained to safely dispose of the item(s).