Gov. Noem Signs Water and Infrastructure Bills into Law

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March 14, 2024

Contact: Amelia Joy


Gov. Noem Signs Water and Infrastructure Bills into Law


PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem signed SB 53 and SB 66, which fund water and wastewater projects, into law.


“Every South Dakotan needs safe roads, bridges, dams, and water infrastructure to live their day-to-day lives,” said Governor Noem. “By funding all of these infrastructure projects, we avoid having to bond for those needs in the future.”


Governor Noem also signed the following four infrastructure bills into law:


  • SB 70 makes an appropriation for the replacement of the Richmond Lake dam and spillway, for the general maintenance and repair of other state-owned dams;
  • SB 124 revises the eligibility of roads for the rural access infrastructure fund;
  • SB 144 makes an appropriation for grants to support airport terminal infrastructure projects and terminal improvement and expansion; and,
  • HB 1064 makes an appropriation for increases in the construction costs of infrastructure at Lake Alvin and Newell Lake.


Governor Noem has signed 181 bills into law this legislative session.