Gov. Noem Calls on Congress to Resolve Speaker Race, Support Israel

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PIERRE, S.D. – Today, following her statement of support to the people of Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Governor Kristi Noem called on Congress to swiftly resolve the Speaker of the House race so that they may take action to support Israel:


“Israel is America’s most important friend and strategic ally, but they have been devastated by a barbaric invasion of their God-given homeland. During my time in Congress and on the House Armed Services Committee, I saw how important it is that Congress support Israel. That is truer today than it has ever been, but actions speak louder than words. Congress must act.


“Before Congress can act, the United States House of Representatives must resolve the Speaker of the House controversy. The best resolution is to rally in support of my friend and former colleague Jim Jordan. He clearly has the firmest support of his House Republican colleagues. Congressman Jordan will support Israel in their time of need while ensuring that Congress remains good stewards of the American people’s taxpayer dollars.


“I also call on the House to speed up their plans for resolving this controversy. The people of Israel cannot wait until Wednesday for Congress to act in their support. Congress should act no later than Monday. Lives depend on it.”


While Governor Noem served in Congress, she was a member of the House Armed Services Committee, which oversees the Department of Defense and numerous other aspects of our nation’s national security. Governor Noem has visited Israel numerous times to display her support for America’s most important strategic ally.