I Like My Freedom

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“I Like My Freedom”


By: Governor Kristi Noem

April 12, 2024


We recently launched round three of the most successful workforce recruitment campaign in South Dakota history – Freedom Works Here. We kicked it off with a brand-new ad. In this ad, which we’re calling “Building in America,” I get to be a homebuilder.


Anyone in South Dakota, or any state that enjoys the winter season, knows the beginning of spring also brings the homebuilding season. And for our state, building new homes is more important now than ever before. Our population is growing rapidly – and when new families move to South Dakota, they need a place to live. So we need to build new homes to keep up with the demand! The newest ad specifically targets homebuilders to move to South Dakota.


This is the perfect time of year to recruit Freedom-loving Americans to move to South Dakota. As the end of the school year approaches, families with school-aged children will start considering making a move over the summer. We want to make sure they are thinking about South Dakota.


South Dakota’s story of success is a rare one. People don’t hear much good news these days, so we’re sharing our story with the nation. Now, because of Freedom Works Here, thousands and thousands of families have moved to South Dakota – and thousands more are in the process of coming here. I have heard some heartwarming stories from people who have moved to our great state.


Catherine recently worked with one of our job advisors to secure a job as a substitute teacher in the Sioux Falls School District. She recalls, "I was feeling completely hopeless in California for years searching for even a basic job, but this program has gotten me out of my slump and has restored my hope in the American Dream." With a wage of $160-175 per day, Catherine not only found employment, but a renewed sense of hope and opportunity. "I can actually afford to live out here,” Catherine told us. “It's a miracle!" Her boyfriend also joined the journey to South Dakota and accepted a job as a wastewater treatment operator at the Water District in Sioux Falls, SD.


Jon relocated to Hermosa, South Dakota from Oklahoma. Despite being a newcomer to the state, this veteran wasted no time. Within hours of applying for a position at Mainline Contracting, Jon received an interview call. He quickly accepted the position of heavy equipment operator. Since making the move to South Dakota, Jon and his wife have embraced their new home and community. Their enthusiasm for Jon’s new role and the opportunity to live in South Dakota is evident.


These are just a couple of the amazing stories we’ve heard from folks who have moved to South Dakota from all over the country. I am so proud of our state for being the beacon of hope that America needs right now. And I’m glad that people are coming here to join our way of life.


Another young man who recently moved to South Dakota summed it up so perfectly: “I like my Freedom.”