USD and SD Mines Build on Biomedical Engineering Partnership

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Wednesday, December 5, 2018


USD and SD Mines Build on Biomedical Engineering Partnership


ABERDEEN, S.D. – The South Dakota Board of Regents has greenlighted a collaborative undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering to be offered jointly by the University of South Dakota and South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. This degree and other academic program requests approved this week aim to meet emerging workforce needs and economic development trends across the state. 


The bachelor of science degree in biomedical engineering links the medical and engineering fields to produce new graduates who will advance human health and well-being. For more than a decade, graduate degrees in biomedical engineering have been delivered jointly by USD and SD Mines; the addition of this undergraduate degree builds on that tradition of success.


The new degree will be available at campus locations in Vermillion and Rapid City, along with delivery online and at University Center-Sioux Falls.


Bioscience is one of the state’s key industries identified for further development by the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Strong regional need for biomedical engineers has been demonstrated, officials at both universities said. Graduates will gain experience in laboratory settings, data analysis, biomedical problem solving, and foundational engineering and medical research skills.


The degree program takes advantage of unique expertise available at both institutions: SD Mines’ expertise in engineering and USD’s proficiency in biomedical fields. The two institutions expect to graduate 26 students a year from the program after its full implementation. No new resources are being requested to offer the program.