Gov. Noem Signs Bills into Law

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March 15, 2024

Contact: Amelia Joy


Gov. Noem Signs Bills into Law


PIERRE, S.D. – Today, Governor Kristi Noem signed the following 22 bills into law:


  • SB 43 establishes procedures for the imposition of fines and probation against medical cannabis establishments, increase the allowable fee for a medical cannabis establishment registration certificate, and direct the Department of Health to promulgate rules to increase the fee for a registration certificate;
  • SB 58 revises provisions regarding money transmission;
  • SB 67 provides for the sale of certain real estate located in Hughes County and provides for the deposit of the proceeds into a continuously appropriated fund;
  • SB 89 reduces the notice requirement period to terminate a tenancy at will;
  • SB 90 revises and repeals provisions related to forcible entry and detainer;
  • SB 99 modifies provisions pertaining to applying for an absentee ballot application;
  • SB 182 repeals and revises certain provisions regarding the petition circulation process to comply with federal court decisions;
  • SB 190 requires a comparison of reemployment assistance recipients against death records for reemployment assistance eligibility integrity;
  • SB 191 restricts the use of medical cannabis for individuals on probation or conditional release;
  • SB 199 revises provisions pertaining to the consolidation or boundary changes of counties;
  • SB 208 establishes reporting requirements for future fund awards or grants and makes technical changes;
  • SB 211 revises notarial acts;
  • SB 212 allows for the payment of goods or services by a school district between school board meetings in certain circumstances;
  • SB 217 requires disclosure of certain information prior to the sale of property bound by a homeowners' association;
  • SB 219 modifies provisions related to the control of counties and municipalities over medical marijuana establishments within their jurisdictions;
  • HB 1039 provides for the payment of legal expenses originating from crime committed at a facility maintained by the Department of Corrections;
  • HB 1060 revises certain provisions related to travel reimbursement;
  • HB 1118 revises unclaimed property provisions;
  • HB 1130 revises water development district boundaries;
  • HB 1200 increases the minimum fee required with an application for construction of an energy conversion and transmission facility;
  • HB 1211 repeals the Midwestern Regional Higher Education Compact; and,
  • HB 1244 provides a process to withdraw a signature from a petition for an initiated measure, constitutional amendment, or a referendum on a law in certain situations.


Governor Noem has signed 203 bills into law this legislative session.