Gov. Noem Signs Bill to Fund Women's Prison into Law

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March 7, 2024

Contact: Amelia Joy


Gov. Noem Signs Bill to Fund Women’s Prison into Law

Signs 17 Other Bills


PIERRE, S.D. – Yesterday, Governor Kristi Noem signed SB 50, which funds the women’s prison in Rapid City.


“We are saving taxpayer dollars by avoiding future debt and funding this important project now,” said Governor Noem. “This new facility will provide important rehabilitation programming and resources that we aren’t able to provide in our current facility, and I am glad that the legislature did the fiscally conservative thing and set the money aside for it now.”


Governor Noem also signed the following 17 bills into law:


  • SB 10 requires that a notification of medical cannabis certification be provided to a patient's primary or referring practitioner;
  • SB 18 allows the secretary of state to share information from the statewide voter registration file;
  • SB 61 repeals the Visitation Grant Advisory Group;
  • SB 98 establishes the admissibility of evidence of similar crimes in child molestation cases;
  • SB 115 prevents a county, township, or municipality from authorizing a guaranteed income program;
  • SB 117 revises provisions regarding industrial hemp;
  • SB 147 provides for the distribution of informational materials regarding palliative care;
  • SB 148 provides permissive authority to a governing body of a municipality or county to deny reissuance of an on-sale license not actively used;
  • SB 172 allows a person to temporarily take responsibility of a feral cat for the purpose of spaying or neutering the animal;
  • SB 175 adds a domestic abuse shelter to the definition of a community safety zone;
  • HB 1071 revises a provision providing authority to the Governor to enter into agreements with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission;
  • HB 1120 provides special motor vehicle license plates for advanced life support personnel and emergency medical technicians;
  • HB 1132 revises certain provisions pertaining to municipal government;
  • HB 1194 clarifies provisions pertaining to tax increment finance districts;
  • HB 1220 allows an appeal of a decision of the Department of Education regarding special education or related services by a civil action against the department;
  • HB 1229 adds a county as able to be assigned responsibility for secondary highways on municipal boundaries; and,
  • HB 1232 creates the Indian Child Welfare Advisory Council.


A photo of Governor Noem signing these bills can be found here.


Governor Noem has signed 155 bills into law this legislative session.