Gov. Noem Signs Public Safety Bills

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March 19, 2024

Contact: Amelia Joy


Gov. Noem Signs Public Safety Bills


PIERRE, S.D. – Governor Noem signed the following 14 public safety bills into law:


  • SB 6 revises provisions related to death by distribution of a Schedule I or II substance;
  • SB 47 revises the incentive program for juvenile diversion opportunities;
  • SB 49 funds the new men’s prison;
  • SB 71 removes a prohibition on the ability of law enforcement and various governmental entities to inspect, search, seize, prosecute, or impose disciplinary action on cannabis dispensaries, cultivation facilities, manufacturing facilities, and testing facilities;
  • SB 83 makes an appropriation for the revised construction costs of maintenance shops for the Wildland Fire Suppression Division;
  • SB 146 revises and repeals provisions related to threatening persons holding statewide office, judicial officers, and elected officers and to provide a penalty therefor;
  • SB 168 makes an appropriation for victim services;
  • SB 203 expands certain privileges for individuals who hold an unrestricted enhanced concealed carry permit;
  • HB 1061 makes an appropriation for costs related to emergencies and disasters impacting the state;
  • HB 1092 revises provisions regarding the 911 emergency surcharge;
  • HB 1125 prohibits the chemical modification or conversion of industrial hemp and the sale or distribution of chemically modified or converted industrial hemp and to provide a penalty therefor;
  • HB 1195 provides authority for a court to order offenders convicted of vehicular homicide to pay restitution to a victim's children until age eighteen;
  • HB 1225 defines a multi-passenger quadricycle and provides for the regulation of multi-passenger quadricycles; and,
  • HB 1245 revises provisions related to the custody of an alleged delinquent child before and after a temporary custody hearing.


Governor Noem has signed 229 bills into law this legislative session.