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$1.2 Million in Out-of-School Time Program Grants Awarded

Office of the Governor
For Immediate Release: Monday, June 18, 2001
For More Information: Bob Mercer or Mike Mueller, 773-3212

$1.2 Million in Out-of-School Time Program Grants Awarded

(Pierre) -- Gov. Bill Janklow is helping communities make room to help 1,000 more children through activity programs before and after school while their parents are working.

He said Monday that $1.2 million in new grants have been awarded to 38 out-of-school time (OST) programs throughout South Dakota.

Janklow's latest expansion of the grant program raises the number of out-of-school time slots available for students by 1,040. Since the start of his statewide initiative three years ago, more than 68 projects have been funded including 121 program sites with approximately 5,000 slots for K-8 students.

"Out-of-school time programs are important because they provide structure and encouragement to young people who would otherwise be alone at home or out on the streets after school," Janklow said. "Within these programs, children can catch up on their homework, learn computer and other skills, or do other activities in a safe environment."

Thirty-eight programs were either partially or fully funded for their first, second or third year of funding in the latest round of grants. Priority was given to programs that show strong community support, are located in school facilities, offer organized enrichment activities and show a solid plan for sustainability. After programs have operated for a few years they are expected to become self-supporting through community assistance and program fees, so grant funds are reduced each year.

"This is intended as seed money, to help get a program up and running while the base of support gets built in the local community," Janklow said. "At my request the Legislature gave us an extra $1 million for this year to really jump-start what's already a pretty successful program. I'd like to go back again next session and ask again to really build on this momentum."

Twenty of the OST projects to receive grants are new programs and will be funded as a result of the extra money.

"Kids do better when they have some guidance and constructive activity rather than being left unsupervised before and after school," he said. "It’s a win-win for the students, the parents and the community." 

Grants awarded to projects receiving second or third-year funding will assist communities or school districts to develop or expand their programs.

"National statistics show, and I am convinced, that children who participate in these types of programs fare much better than those left unsupervised after school," Janklow said. "These students are safe, receive a nutritious snack, get their homework done, and are able to socialize and participate in learning activities that are fun.

"Schools are finding out that these same kids do better in school and are less likely to participate in at-risk behaviors."

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Note: A list of programs receiving grants follows.

First-Year OST Grants


Program/School District




Centerville School District

$ 22,389

Doug Voss

(605) 563-2291

Chamberlain School District

$ 37,635

Debbie Johnson 

(605) 734-4463

Crow Creek Tribal Schools - Stephan

$ 54,050

Marlow Medicine Crow 

(605) 852-2416

Ethan School District

$ 31,670

Cindy Tuttle

(605) 227-4211

Garretson School District/Youth Enrichment Services 

$ 39,720

Karla Johnson

(605) 338-8061

West Central School District - Hartford

$ 10,455

Julie Hartmann

(605) 528-3215

Andes Central School District - Lake Andes

$ 69,540

Ruth Krogh

(605) 487-7655

Lemmon School District

$ 20,844

Rick Herbel

(605) 374-3762

Lennox School District

$ 98,651

Grace Christianson 

(605) 647-2202

Bennett Co. School District - Martin 

$ 41,008 

Belinda Ready

(605) 685-6300

Milbank School District

$ 40,155

Gail Krause

(605) 432-6615

YWCA of Mitchell for Mitchell School District

$ 57,231

Susan Berg

(605) 996-4311

Porcupine School

$ 25,755

Dorothy Cwach

(605) 867-5480

Rapid City YMCA At-Risk Program

$ 56,060

Sandy Stanton

(605) 388-6124

Sioux Falls Multi-Cultural Center

$ 81,000

Qadir Aware

(605) 367-7400

LSS/So. Hills OST Program - Sioux Falls

$ 39,432

Martin Jacobsen

(605) 336-3347

Kids Club Kids at West Elementary - Spearfish

$ 31,207

Billie Jo Bakeberg

(605) 642-1236

Meade School District for Whitewood/Stagebarn

$ 30,850

Claudette Reichert 

(605) 347-4454

Vermillion School District

$ 41,100

Kathy Prasek 

(605) 677-7025

Winner School District

$ 57,089

Mary Fisher

(605) 842-0730


Second-Year OST Grants


Program/School District




Alpena School District

$ 12,281

Dick Christianson

(605) 849-3258

West Central School District - Hartford

$ 20,539

Julie Hartmann 

(605) 528-3215

Howard School District

$ 22,436 

Cheryl Laible

(605) 772-4443

Rapid City YMCA Kidstop Program - 5 schools

$ 23,422

Sandy Stanton

(605) 388-6124

South Middle School - Rapid City

$ 31,432

Curt Voight

(605) 394-4024

Redfield Public School

$ 20,918

Betty Twiss

(605) 472-0560

Selby Area School

$ 19,230

Selma Groth

(605) 649-7818

Sioux Falls School District for Bowden Center Program

$ 49,008

Linda Hallstrom

(605) 367-7900

Meade School District-Sturgis

$ 10,390

Claudette Reichert

(605) 347-4454

Enemy Swim Day School-Waubay

$ 17,520

Sherry Johnson 

(605) 947-4605


Third-Year OST Grants


Program/School District




Canton School District

$ 14,151

Ann Tryon Koch 

(605) 764-2706

Custer YMCA at Custer Elementary

$ 4,981

Sandy Stanton 

(605) 388-6124

Huron School District

$ 17,632

Mary Ellen Johnson 

(605) 353-6992

Kids Club Kids Summer Program - Spearfish

$ 16,270

Billie Jo Bakeberg 

(605) 642-1236

Sioux Valley Schools - Volga

$ 17,805

Sam Holderby 

(605) 627-5657

Webster School District

$ 14,800

Teresa Shoemaker

(605) 345-4651

Wessington Springs School District

$ 11,613

Lynn Mebius 

(605) 539-9500

Woonsocket School District

$ 12,715

Gay Lynn Larson 

(605) 796-4431