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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Tuesday, June 16, 2015


State Grants Advance Public University Research


PIERRE, S.D. – Eight faculty members from public universities are the latest to receive competitive state research grants through the South Dakota Board of Regents.


“These competitive grants direct additional resources to university researchers to acquire the equipment and graduate research staff necessary to further their research projects,” said Nathan Lukkes, the regents’ vice president of research and economic development. “These projects support undergraduate and graduate students, as well as strengthen the universities, and ultimately the state, by generating commercial activity.”


A total of 30 grant proposals were submitted; eight were funded for a total of $450,513. For the third year, more faculty members were given an opportunity to compete for funding by splitting the grants into two award levels.


All but two of the eight research projects are newly funded. Second-year funding was received for research by the University of South Dakota’s Meghann Jarchow and South Dakota State University’s Reinaldo Tonkoski.


This is a list by university of the researchers, funded projects, and grant awards:


Black Hills State University

  • Dr. Katrina Jensen, Chemistry – “Development of Copper Photoredox Catalysts for the Synthesis of Anti-Microbial Compounds” (Grant award: $22,880)
  • Dr. Justin Ramsey, Natural Sciences – “Characteristics of triploid ivies (F1 Hedera helix x H. hibernica) and potential for development as non-invasive horticultural varieties” (Grant award: $24,803)

South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

  • Dr. Christopher Shearer, Civil Engineering – “Performance of Fiber-Reinforced Shotcrete in Mining Applications” (Grant award: $98,056)


South Dakota State University

  • Dr. Reinaldo Tonkoski, Electrical Engineering – “Development of Reliable and Sustainable Microgrids (Year 2 Continuation Proposal)” (Grant award: $96,200)
  • Dr. Yunpeng Pan, Mathematics and Statistics – “A Decision Analytics Platform with Application to Sustainable Cloud Computing” (Grant award: $62,038)

University of South Dakota

  • Dr. Hongli Sun, Biomedical Engineering – “Erythropoietin Immobilized Biodegradable Nanofibrous Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering” (Grant award: $100,000)
  • Dr. Meghann Jarchow, Biology – “Prairies in Multifunctional Landscapes: Understanding the Effects of Disturbance and Plant Phenology (Year 2 Continuation Proposal)” (Grant award: $24,965)
  • Dr. Jing Liu, Physics – “Development of a Segmented p-type Point-Contact High-Purity Germanium Detector for Rare-Event-Search Experiments” (Grant award: $25,000)