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Gov. Daugaard Signs Public Safety Bill



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EDITORS/NEWS DIRECTORS:  For video and audio from the Governor on SB 176, visit news.sd.gov/media.aspx and click on “Video” or “Audio” under “Governor Dennis Daugaard.”



Gov. Daugaard Signs Public Safety Bill


PIERRE, S.D. – Gov. Dennis Daugaard this afternoon signed into law Senate Bill 176, an Act to preserve the use of public land, to ensure free travel, to enhance emergency response, and to declare an emergency. The bill which passed with a two-thirds majority last week is effective immediately.


“My administration brought this bill to protect those who want to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights, as well as the people who reside in and travel through our state,” said Gov. Daugaard. “Legislators on both sides of the aisle voted to support this bill and I appreciate their recognition of the urgency of this issue.”


SB 176 prohibits individuals from blocking highways and interfering with traffic, and allows the South Dakota Department of Transportation to temporarily establish no parking zones. The new law also gives the Chief Justice authority to temporarily license outside attorneys to assist counties with an increase in criminal cases.


After hearing lawmakers’ concerns about dialogue with tribal governments, Gov. Daugaard last week sent a letter to all nine tribes inviting conversation on potential protests. In the letter the Governor says his administration will hold roundtable discussions for tribal chairs to attend and participate.


In addition to SB 176 and the land sale measures, Gov. Daugaard also signed the following bills into law today:


HB 1034 – An Act to establish certain fees for receiving electronic files of petitions, to revise certain provisions concerning filing petitions and other documents, and to revise certain provisions concerning elections and voting.


HB 1035 – An Act to revise and provide certain procedures for filing, certifying, and challenging petitions.


HB 1082 – An Act to grant limited immunity from arrest and prosecution for certain related offenses to persons who assist certain persons in need of emergency assistance or who are themselves in need of emergency assistance.


HB 1112 – An Act to revise certain provisions related to construction managers on certain public improvement projects.


HB 1159 – An Act to revise certain provisions regarding the regulation of commercial breeding operations.


HB 1179 – An Act to revise certain provisions related to exemptions from licensure for nonresidential mortgage loans.


HB 1185 – An Act to revise certain provisions concerning recreational facilities provided by municipalities.


SB 103 – An Act to revise certain provisions concerning the process for truancy citations and formal petitions and to declare an emergency.


SB 104 – An Act to protect certain easement holders and rural customers from shutoffs by certain energy companies.


SB 120 – An Act to repeal the Legislative Planning Committee and revise certain provisions regarding agency performance reviews.


SB 130 – An Act to revise provisions regarding the amount licensing agents may collect on the sale of certain licenses and permits for the Department of Game, Fish and Parks to designate the use of certain funds received by the department, and to establish certain reporting requirements.


SB 138 – An Act to provide certain provisions regarding asbestos bankruptcy trust claims.


SB 141 – An Act to revise certain provisions relating to child support.          


SB 147 – An Act to establish a rate-setting methodology for services delivered by community-based health and human services providers.


SB 166 – An Act to provide certain provisions excluding business-to-business lending from certain money lending limitations.