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Temporary Licensure Compact Bill Introduced

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Temporary Licensure Compact Bill Introduced


PIERRE, S.D. – Today, the House State Affairs Committee introduced House Bill 1319, Governor Daugaard’s bill to create a reciprocity compact to streamline professional licensure.


“The Trump Administration is concerned that professional licensure standards hurt the economy by creating a barrier to entering many professions,” said Governor Daugaard.  “Licensure can also make it difficult for professionals to move, because each state has its own licensure requirements. Clearly, professional licensure plays an important role in protecting the public – no one wants to be operated on by an unlicensed doctor or have one’s house wired by an unlicensed electrician.  But we must be sure that licensure isn’t used to keep qualified workers out of the market.”


The idea for the compact came from Gov. Daugaard’s chairmanship of the Western Governors Association and his focus on workforce development. The governor invited U.S. Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta to participate in the first summit in Sioux Falls.  Sec. Acosta asked the governor to lead a bi-partisan effort to create a temporary licensure compact.


The idea is simple:  if already licensed in one state, a professional can move to another member state and practice for eighteen months – enough time to earn a license in that state.


House Bill 1319 will create reciprocity with any other state that also enacts the compact language, requiring member states to expediently grant a temporary license to eligible licensees moving to or working in a that state. The bill creates another path to licensure which encourages professionals to work in South Dakota and allows them to get to work faster.





*Click here for a copy of the bill.