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Campfire Permits Required on Private Land

South Dakota Department of Agriculture

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For Immediate Release:  May 17, 2018

Media Contact: Jeni Lawver, 605.381.7232




Campfire Permits Required on Private Land


RAPID CITY S.D. — South Dakota Department of Agriculture’s Wildland Fire Division is reminding the public that a campfire on private land within the Black Hills Forest Fire Protection District requires a permit. To obtain a permanent residential campfire permit, please contact South Dakota Wildland Fire Division at 605-393-8011. Specify what county you are requesting the permit for and you will be directed to the respective field office.


A free inspection of the requested campfire and area will be performed before a homeowner is issued a permit. All permits are valid for three years and kept on file. After three years, the permitted area will automatically be re-inspected. The landowner does not need to contact South Dakota Wildland Fire to schedule a renewal inspection.


The location of the campfire must be at least 10 feet from any overhanging branches, stumps, logs and trees.


Non-combustible materials fastened or mortared together, and in good condition, are required for the construction of the campfire. The campfire must be located on the campfire pad and will be immobile. Steel campfires must be staked down or otherwise fastened to the pad.


Visit the South Dakota Division Wildland Fire website at http://wildlandfire.sd.gov/camppermits/campfirepermits.aspx to find out if you’re in the Black Hills Forest Fire Protection District, required specifications and more information.


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