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Noem Approves Constitutional Carry Legislation, Nine Other Bills

Governor Kristi Noem today signed her first bill into law. SB47, which Noem signed today, will further protect the Second Amendment rights of South Dakotans by allowing constitutional carry. The bill will go into effect July 1, 2019.  


“More than 230 years ago, the Founding Fathers of our country penned the Constitution that has since laid the framework for centuries of policies. They so firmly believed in the importance of the freedom to bear arms that they enshrined it into the Constitution’s Second Amendment,” said Noem. “This constitutional carry legislation will further protect the Second Amendment rights of South Dakotans.”


Furthermore, Noem signed the following pieces of legislation today:

  • HB1004 – An act to review parole date calculation provisions
  • HB1006 – An act to revise the time requirements for parole reports and plans
  • HB1016 – An act to revise certain provisions of the alcoholic beverages code
  • HB1030 – An act to allow the Office of School and Public Lands to accept internet bidding for the leasing of state minerals
  • HB1002 – An act to provide for criminal background checks for certain applicants and employees of the Department of Public Safety
  • HB1005 – An act to authorize a hearing panel of the Board of Pardons and Paroles to make clemency recommendations
  • HB1017 – An act to provide for the destruction of certain cigarettes
  • SB0026 – An act to clarify certain provisions regarding the regulation of limited gaming in Deadwood, South Dakota
  • SB0013 – An act to revise certain provisions regarding authorization for transportation assistance grants