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Movement of Firewood Outside of Quarantine Area Prohibited



For Immediate Release: March 6, 2019

Media Contact: Maggie Stensaas, 605.773.4073
Kelby Mieras, City of Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation, 605-367-8228


Movement of Firewood Outside of Quarantine Area Prohibited


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The South Dakota Department of Agriculture (SDDA) and the City of Sioux Falls want to remind people that hardwood firewood cannot be moved outside of the established quarantine area.


In 2018, the SDDA implemented a quarantine in all of Minnehaha County, the northern part of Lincoln County, and the northeastern corner of Turner County, restricting the movement of certain items that can spread the Emerald ash borer. The regulated articles include all hardwood firewood and prohibits their movement out of the quarantine area. The SDDA reminds all South Dakotans that these rules apply throughout the entire year.


The City of Sioux Falls implemented an amendment to city ordinance stating that ash trees cannot be trimmed, cut down or hauled between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This ordinance was enacted to limit the cutting and hauling of ash to the winter months, which is the non-flight period for the adult emerald ash borer. The  Sioux Falls ordinance is designed to reduce the spread within the quarantine area, but does not authorize movement of regulated wood products, including hardwood firewood, out of the quarantine area.


For more information on the state quarantine or emerald ash borer in South Dakota, please visit emeraldashborerinsouthdakota.sd.gov or contact the SDDA at 605.773.5425. For more information on Emerald ash borer in the City of Sioux Falls, please visit siouxfalls.org/EAB or contact the Sioux Falls Department of Parks and Recreation at 605.367.8222.


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