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Rapid City man claims $200,000 Powerball prize

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Contact: Wade LaRoche, Public Affairs Manager, 605-773-5869


***Mr. Bald Eagle has requested that the media please not contact him further about his win. He appreciates your consideration of her request. A photo of Mr. Bald Eagle has been attached. Thanks. WL


PIERRE, S.D. – Leo Bald Eagle will be playing joyous tunes for some time after he became the South Dakota Lottery’s latest big winner.


Bald Eagle claimed a $200,000 Powerball prize on Monday. The Rapid City resident won the prize by matching 4 of 5 winning numbers in addition to the Powerball. His prize grew even larger after choosing the multiplier option.


Bald Eagle, who is a retired letter carrier for the U.S. Post Office and currently works part time at Wal-Mart, had a unique set of circumstances en route to his big win. Bald Eagle is part of a country western band called Midnight Sun, and he decided to test his luck and purchase some tickets before leaving town to perform.


This brought Bald Eagle to the Big D Oil Company on East North Street in Rapid City, where he decided to change his playing routine up a bit.


“God told me to buy the tickets,” Bald Eagle said. “I normally buy Dakota Cash and Lotto America, but last minute, I had a feeling come over me that told me to buy two Powerball tickets.”


Bald Eagle’s instincts were proven to be correct when he checked the winning numbers a couple of hours after Saturday’s drawing. After learning about his big win, Bald Eagle and his girlfriend shared in the excitement and disbelief.


“I was very excited, and I couldn’t sleep,” Bald Eagle said. “My girlfriend and I checked the numbers again in the morning.”


Now that the news is beginning to sink in, Bald Eagle is making plans for his prize. He notes that the best thing about winning is a chance at being debt free, but he isn’t planning on changing his life too much.


“I am still in shock, but It will help financially to pay off debt and possibly get a new vehicle,” Bald Eagle said. “I still plan to work at Walmart part time and continue to play in our band.”


Bald Eagle will also continue his weekly purchase of lotto tickets, and he offered advice for his fellow players.


“Keep trying, there is always hope,” Bald Eagle said. “You can’t win if you don’t play “ 


For more information on Powerball, visit https://lottery.sd.gov/games/lottogames/powerball/.