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Governor Noem’s Budget Invests in Next Generation Industries

What You Need To Know: Governor Noem’s Budget Invests in Next Generation Industries


Governor Noem is investing in next generation industries by increasing high-speed internet access, bolstering cybersecurity development, and investing in healthcare training programs.


Connecting South Dakota

  • This year, Governor Noem invested $5 million that leveraged more than $11.4 million in project costs to increase connectivity across South Dakota.
  • Eight projects were awarded funding to bring internet access to approximately 4,800 households and more than 100 businesses in underserved parts of South Dakota. 
  • Governor Noem’s budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2021 allocates $5 million to continue expanding internet access – and online opportunity – throughout the state. 


Bolstering Cybersecurity

  • Governor Noem’s budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2021 invests $396,000 for the Cyber Cync Incubator and Entrepreneurial Center at Dakota State University.
  • This investment will further enhance DSU’s cybersecurity operation to spur economic development, visibility, and thought-leadership – in turn, providing greater opportunities for South Dakota families and helping keep top talent in South Dakota.


Investing in Healthcare Training Programs

  • South Dakota continues to see a greater demand for health professionals, and Governor Noem is allocating dollars to train the workforce to meet it.
  • Governor Noem’s budget invests $5 million toward the construction of a new School of Health Sciences Building at the University of South Dakota.