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Governor Noem’s Budget Strengthens Families

What You Need To Know: Governor Noem’s Budget Strengthens Families


Governor Noem is strengthening families by designating funds for foster parent training, supporting family reunification, and improving services for child maltreatment victims.


Supporting Foster Families

  • This year, Governor Noem has worked to highlight the need for more foster families, and South Dakotans have risen to the challenge.
  • Governor Noem’s budget designates $129,420 in general funds for additional foster parent training.
  • These funds will be used to provide more resources that allow interested individuals to complete the required training classes and home studies.


Supporting Family Reunification

  • Nearly one in 10 South Dakota children have had a parent incarcerated at some point in their childhood.
  • Governor Noem’s budget includes $118,366 to create a new position in state government that will help prepare female offenders to return to their families and communities after completing their sentence. 
  • The position will utilize evidence-based case management proven to reduce the likelihood female offenders will recidivate.


Improving Services for Child Maltreatment Victims

  • The success of the next generation is stunted when children are raised in unsafe homes.
  • Governor Noem’s budget allocates $100,964 for comprehensive child maltreatment victim services.
  • Through this allocation, the State will add a position dedicated to ensuring child safety, leading maltreatment investigations, and facilitating comprehensive services for child maltreatment victims across South Dakota.