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Governor Noem’s Budget Improves Public Safety

What You Need To Know: Governor Noem’s Budget Improves Public Safety


Governor Noem is prioritizing the safety of families and communities by combating the meth epidemic and equipping law enforcement with modernized communication tools.


Combating the Meth Epidemic

  • Compared to the national average, twice as many children in South Dakota, ages 12 to 17, have reported meth use in the past year.
  • From 2014 to 2018, South Dakota has seen a 200 percent increase in people seeking treatment with a primary diagnosis of meth.
  • Addiction to meth requires more intensive therapy than many other addictions, which is why providing the necessary resources is crucial to combating the meth crisis in South Dakota. 
  • Governor Noem is committing $3.7 million to support intensive meth treatment and enforcement.
  • With this funding, Governor Noem has made a commitment to ensure the criminal justice system has the necessary resources to enforce the law.


Equipping Law Enforcement with Modernized Communications Tools

  • In 2003, South Dakota created the state radio system that formed a single, uniform communications system for first responders across the state. The aging infrastructure and software need an update.
  • Governor Noem’s budget dedicates $5.1 million to improve the statewide communication systems for local law enforcement and first responders across South Dakota. 
  • This builds on the $4.6 million appropriated by Governor Noem and the legislature last year to fulfill the State’s commitment to law enforcement and ensure a smooth transition to the new, modernized system.