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Governor Noem’s Budget Provides Disaster Relief

What You Need To Know: Governor Noem’s Budget Provides Disaster Relief


Governor Noem’s budget builds partnerships with local governments to provide disaster relief resources and implement programs to mitigate future disasters.


Providing Disaster Relief

  • Sixty-three South Dakota counties submitted disaster declarations following the record-breaking storms, tornadoes, and floods that damaged homes, businesses and public infrastructure this year. 
  • Governor Noem’s budget creates a new loan program for cities, counties, townships, and tribes that will make it possible to apply for loans from the Emergency and Disaster Fund and includes disaster funding for long-term recovery. 
  • Noem’s budget allocates $9,918,359 to fund disaster relief.
  • Loans from the Emergency and Disaster Fund will provide cash flow for infrastructure repairs and assist local governments that demonstrate a need for state support. 


Mitigating Future Disasters

  • Mitigation plans identify an area’s most likely hazards and document projects that can better protect people and property against similar circumstances.
  • Governor Noem’s budget adds state dollars to lower the match requirement for local governments and encourages local participation in mitigation projects.
  • The Emergency and Disaster Fund will be used for loans to provide cash flow for mitigation projects.


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