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Applications Now Available for Infrastructure Disaster Recovery Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, Jan. 10, 2020

Contact: Tony Mangan, Public Information Officer, 605-773-6196


Applications Now Available for Infrastructure Disaster Recovery Program


PIERRE, S.D. – Applications are now available for local governmental entities who want to apply for the new Infrastructure Disaster Recovery Program.


The program, introduced by Gov. Kristi Noem, is open to cities, counties, townships and tribes that are part of one of South Dakota’s four Presential declared disasters in 2019. The program allows those entities to apply for funding advances. The approved applicants can use the advances to assist with recovery efforts to repair their damaged infrastructure prior to receiving FEMA funds.


“In 2019, South Dakota experienced one of the worst disaster years it has ever seen and public infrastructure was among the hardest hit,” Gov. Noem said. “My Infrastructure Disaster Recovery Program works with local governments to help them get the dollars they need to expedite recovery, use existing assistance programs, and build resilient infrastructure for future South Dakotans.”


Eligible governmental entities can receive an advance equal to the 75% FEMA federal share of their projects plus the 15% local, non-federal share portion, for a total of 90% of project costs. The governmental entity will then pay back the advances to the state upon receiving the FEMA federal funds for the projects. Applicants who request an advance of their local 15% match will have 18 months from the date of the original agreement or the final FEMA funding date before a 2% interest rate will begin to accrue.


The South Dakota Department of Public Safety’s Office of Emergency Management will oversee the program.


“Many of these local governments are trying to pay for repairs to damaged infrastructure such as roads and bridges, but the FEMA funding has not yet arrived, “ said Department of Public Safety Cabinet Secretary Craig Price. “The Office of Emergency Management will work with those entities to help secure the advance funds they need to pay for the needed repairs while they wait for the FEMA funds.”


Applicants requesting advanced funds will need to meet the following criteria:

    • Be an eligible applicant and be a subrecipient of the state in one of the four Presidential disasters declared in 2019 (submit RPA), and have a FEMA-eligible project;
    • Submit an application to the South Dakota Office of Emergency Management;
    • Sign an Advance agreement;
    • Provide financial statements/audits to demonstrate a need for the advance;
    • Provide proof of an ongoing funding source to repay the advanced state general funds;
    • Provide quotes in accordance with state law for eligible “shovel-ready” projects;
    • Submit a mitigation project proposal; and
    • Follow FEMA requirements.


In addition to the implementation of the Infrastructure Disaster Recovery Program, the Governor also has announced the state will provide 10% of the non-federal share for Hazard Mitigation Grant program and Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant program projects approved by FEMA. Historically, these projects have been funded at a 75% federal share paid by FEMA and the 25% non-federal share was the responsibility of the applicant. The addition of state dollars lowers the match requirement for local governments to 15% and encourages local participation in mitigation projects. These projects will improve infrastructure resiliency for future generations, provide long-term solutions to repetitive loss situations and helps avoid reliance on federal dollars for recovery.  Applicants can also apply for an advance on the 15% non-federal share required for approved FEMA mitigation projects.


For more information about these programs or to obtain an application, contact the South Dakota Department of Public Safety’s Office of Emergency Management at 605-773-3231 or visit the website at https://dps.sd.gov/emergency-services/emergency-management.