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WTAS: Ag, Business, Community Leaders Support Noem’s Legislation to Streamline Rural Development

For Immediate Release

February 6, 2020

Contact: Kristin Wileman


WTAS: Ag, Business, Community Leaders Support Noem’s Legislation to Streamline Rural Development


PIERRE, S.D. - Governor Kristi Noem last week announced that she will introduce legislation that provides certainty and predictability for businesses and operations looking to open or expand in rural South Dakota. The announcement was met with support from South Dakota’s agriculture and business communities. You can find more details about the legislation here.

Here is What They Are Saying (WTAS):

Craig Anderson, President of South Dakota Pork Producers – “We thank the governor for her support and leadership on an issue that is important to business development across the state. This legislation will streamline the process for rural projects which will make job creation easier in rural South Dakota. We look forward to working with Governor Noem and her staff to move this forward.”  

District 29 Senator Gary Cammack – “Anyone who knows South Dakota understands the importance of agriculture on our economy. This legislation is going to get value-added ag projects up and running. Thank you, Governor Noem, for your vision and leadership on this issue.” 

Eric Jennings, President of South Dakota Cattlemen’s Association – “Governor Noem’s bill will assist in streamlining the permitting process for animal feeding operations and provide additional opportunities for the next generation of farms and ranches to engage in agricultural pursuits in rural South Dakota. I’m thankful for the governor’s work to keep our state’s rural communities vibrant.”

Marv Post, Chair of South Dakota Dairy Producers  – “Creating a predictable and consistent zoning process will allow families to expand their operations and maintain intergenerational dairies. It will add to the value of the corn, soybeans, hay growers, and communities where the dairies are centered and help revitalize towns, schools, businesses, and retailers in South Dakota. When we grow agriculture, there aren’t winners or losers – it benefits all South Dakotans. Thank you, Governor Noem for supporting producers through this bill.” 

Scott VanderWal, President of South Dakota Farm Bureau – “Governor Noem’s proposal will fix a lot of the issues and irritations we’ve had with our livestock permitting process for many years. The most important resource that we have is our children that we raise in South Dakota; strengthening livestock development is a strong step in providing opportunities that keep them here at home.” 

Gary Drewes, Pennington County Commissioner – “When you look at our communities, a lot depends on agriculture. Timing is critical for rural developments, and this bill brings back more local control. We thank the governor and her team for bringing this forward.”  

Jerry Schmitz, Executive Director of South Dakota Soybean Association – “Thank you, Governor Noem, for opening the gates of opportunity for South Dakota agriculture. We are prepared, we want to move forward, and we are all excited to see this legislation pass.”