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Noem Signs Legislation to Protect and Help Victims of Human Trafficking

For Immediate Release

February 27, 2020

Contact: Kristin Wileman


Noem Signs Legislation to Protect and Help Victims of Human Trafficking

Signs 12 Bills on Variety of Topics

PIERRE, S.D. - Governor Kristi Noem today signed legislation to better protect and help victims of human trafficking in South Dakota.

“People are not for sale in South Dakota,” said Noem. “For years, I’ve worked to build systems that protect our state from the horrors of human trafficking, and this bill takes another step in the right direction. I’m grateful for the overwhelming bipartisan support we received for this legislation that cracks down on traffickers and provides for victims through expanded services and resources.”

Noem’s legislation received unanimous support from both chambers of the legislature. HB1047 takes a four-pronged approach to protect South Dakota from human trafficking by:

  • Ensuring traffickers are prosecuted for their crimes by amending the criminal code to add “purchaser” and prevent a defense of “consent” or “mistake of age.”
  • Paving a path to a clean record for minor victims with convictions for crimes they were forced to commit.
  • Increasing access to victim resources that includes reimbursement of expenses like hospital stays and mental health counseling.

This legislation builds on Noem’s work in 2019 that further defines coercion and strengthens prosecution against traffickers. In Congress, Noem was an outspoken advocate on legislation that protects people against human trafficking and championed the decade’s most comprehensive anti-trafficking initiative. 

Click here to learn more about HB1047.

Governor Noem signed the following bills today: 

  • HB1007 – An Act to require certain adjustments to the assessed value of agricultural land if factors impact the land's productivity and to require those adjustments to be documented.
  • HB1047 – An Act to revise certain provisions regarding human trafficking.
  • HB1048 – An Act to revise certain requirements for certain advisory committees under the Board of Medical and Osteopathic Examiners, Board of Nursing, and Board of Social Work Examiners.
  • HB1059 – An Act to revise certain provisions regarding hunting with drones.
  • HB1074 – An Act to revise certain provisions regarding the required time that sexual assault kits be preserved.
  • HB1082 – An Act to revise the conditions under which a licensed vehicle dealer may display or sell certain vehicles.
  • HB1086 – An Act to repeal certain fees charged by a clerk of courts.
  • HB1091 – An Act to revise provisions regarding the compensation of merchandise dealers for diagnostic and warranty work.
  • HB1105 – An Act to revise certain provisions regarding restrictions on State Investment Council members.
  • HB1106 – An Act to authorize the state investment officer to include an indemnity provision in certain investment-related documents.
  • HB1120 – An Act to authorize the governing body of a second or third class municipality to act as a planning and zoning commission.
  • SB54 – An Act to regulate the use of auxiliary containers.