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Noem Signs 16 Bills

For Immediate Release

March 4, 2020

Contact: Kristin Wileman


Noem Signs 16 Bills


PIERRE, S.D. - Governor Kristi Noem today signed the following pieces of legislation:


  • SB52 – An Act to create a state seal specialty plate emblem.
  • SB69 – An Act to revise the penalty for the misuse of emblem specialty plate on motor vehicles.
  • HB1011 – An Act to require certain examinations of persons awaiting involuntary commitment hearings.
  • HB1056 – An Act to authorize video monitoring of residents in assisted living centers and nursing facilities.
  • HB1079 – An Act to authorize a county to assess an administration fee for the processing of certain title applications.     
  • HB1097 – An Act to modify requirements for a marriage license.
  • HB1109 – An Act to revise the Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.
  • HB1113 – An Act to provide for remote participation in a shareholders' meeting.
  • HB1114 – An Act to authorize additional abbreviations in naming corporations, limited liability companies, and limited liability partnerships.
  • HB1126 – An Act to provide authority for real estate brokers to conduct real property evaluations.
  • HB1127 – An Act to revise provisions regarding real estate appraisers.
  • HB1129 – An Act to authorize the provision of telecommunications device location information to law enforcement agencies.
  • HB1131 – An Act to prohibit the use of misleading identification for telephonic communications.
  • HB1164 – An Act to codify legislation enacted in 2019.
  • HB1165 – An Act to revise provisions regarding the acceptance of gifts by municipalities.
  • HB1260 – An Act to revise provisions regarding tax increment districts.