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Noem Signs 17 Bills

March 18, 2020



  • HB 1068 An Act to include out-of-state convictions for the basis of an enhanced penalty for the crime of stalking.
  • HB 1089 An Act to provide for the discharge of certain persons who received a suspended imposition of sentence for a misdemeanor.
  • HB 1090 An Act to make an appropriation to evaluate the feasibility of the use of telehealth services within the criminal justice system and to declare an emergency.
  • HB 1119 An Act to include certain offenses committed in another state for purposes of an enhanced penalty.
  • HB 1195 An Act to provide for the dismissal of charges against pregnant women for certain controlled substance offenses under certain circumstances.
  • HB 1206 An Act to revise certain provisions regarding the commitment of a delinquent child to the Department of Corrections.
  • HB 1207 An Act to extend the termination date for the Juvenile Justice Public Safety Oversight Council.
  • SB 25 An Act to establish certain requirements to maintain state compliance with the Master Settlement Agreement.
  • SB 26 An Act to increase the assessment of liquidated court costs and to revise the disposition of the funds collected.
  • SB 27 An Act to establish a missing persons clearinghouse.
  • SB 44 An Act to authorize the use of crime victims' compensation funds to reimburse law enforcement for certain emergency expenses incurred for victims.
  • SB 46 An Act to revise provisions related to the restoration to competency of criminal defendants.
  • SB 47 An Act to revise certain provisions regarding sex offender registration statutes.
  • SB 71 An Act to revise the offenses for which an order for interception of communications may be granted.
  • SB 89 An Act to revise provisions regarding victim's rights.
  • SB 151 An Act to define critical infrastructure and revise certain crimes for the trespass or damage to critical infrastructure.
  • SB 176  An Act to provide for the seizure and holding of real property as evidence.