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Noem Signs 19 Bills

March 24, 2020



  • SB 2 An Act to require the Department of Social Services to fully support a statewide centralized resource information system.
  • SB 73 An Act to exempt certain persons from the requirement to publish name changes.
  • SB 84 An Act to authorize service animals in-training to enter certain establishments.
  • SB 96 An Act to prohibit the denial of benefits based solely on a controlled substance felony.
  • SB 124 An Act to revise provisions regarding group pheasant hunts for disabled veterans.
  • SB 136 An Act to authorize certain witnesses to be accompanied by a certified therapeutic dog in a criminal proceeding.
  • SB 139 An Act to revise provisions regarding replacement nursing facilities.
  • SB 140 An Act to provide for the resolution of alleged certain disability violations.
  • SB 146 An Act to revise provisions related to tribal identification cards.
  • SB 150 An Act to revise nonresident waterfowl licensure.
  • SB 155 An Act to provide for step therapy protocol regarding certain prescription drugs.
  • SB 160 An Act to authorize the construction and operation of a nursing home facility in Moody County, South Dakota, and to declare an emergency.
  • SB 162 An Act to provide limitations on the use of lighting equipment while hunting.
  • HB 1067 An Act to modify certain provisions regarding notice, service, and execution of judgments in forceable entry and detainer actions.
  • HB 1088 An Act to create a penalty for violation of a vulnerable adult protection order and to revise certain provisions regarding protection orders.
  • HB 1123 An Act to revise provisions regarding termination of a lease by a victim of alleged domestic abuse.
  • HB 1140 An Act to provide for a regular review of parenting guidelines.
  • HB 1205 An Act to revise provisions regarding a custodial parent relocating a minor child.
  • HB 1246 An Act to revise the attorney's fees allowed in a retaliation action against a lessor.