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DENR Announces New Harmful Algal Blooms Website and Interactive Map

For Immediate Release: Thursday, August 13, 2020

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Josh Strobel, 1-800-438-3367

FOR PROJECT DETAILS: Visit https://denr.sd.gov/dfta/wp/habs.aspx


DENR Announces New Harmful Algal Blooms Website and Interactive Map


PIERRE – The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) is pleased to announce a new harmful algal blooms (HABs) webpage and interactive map providing information about HABs, their reported locations, and DENR’s HABs monitoring efforts. The HABs website is available at https://denr.sd.gov/dfta/wp/habs.aspx and includes a link to interactive mapping application.


HABs occur when toxin producing algae grow excessively in nutrient enriched lakes and ponds during the warm summer months and may be harmful to humans, pets, livestock, and wildlife.


“The conditions are right for harmful algal blooms, so please use caution if you suspect a bloom is occurring,” said DENR Secretary Hunter Roberts. “When in doubt, stay out!”


The new website provides information about what causes HABs, the potential risks, photos of HABs, DENR’s HAB monitoring efforts, and what people should do if they, their pets, or livestock encounter or are exposed to a potential HAB. People wanting to submit algal bloom reports can learn how to do so on the DENR HABs website or can contact Josh Strobel at josh.strobel@state.sd.us. Only verified reports will be added to the interactive map.


The HABs interactive map currently shows verified HABs reports from 2020 and toxin producing algae densities from samples collected in 2019. Results from samples collected in 2020 for toxin producing algae and algal toxins will be added to the map when available. To view the HABs interactive map visit: